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About Us Established in 1987, Reno Team Inc. was built on a foundation of tradition. We come from a long line of Canadian contractors and we seek to continue on our family's legacy. When we work for a client, we seek to offer the fine craftsmanship that would make our ancestors proud. While we offer a wide variety of services, we have found that some of our best work has been finishing basements. When we finish a basement, we take it from the very start of demolition to the final stages of construction. We treat your home with the same tendering loving care as our family has treated our customer's homes for generations.
Our Services Do you need a better bathroom? What about a basement you enjoy using for more than storing dusty boxes? Maybe you could use a deck to relax on with the family? Or maybe you just need help making your home/business equally accessible? Reno Team Inc. offers a variety of solutions to these problems and more. Our wide range of specialities includes, but is not limited to, basement finishing, bathroom renovation, kitchen overhauls, deck/pergola construction, and accessibility options. Whatever the problem maybe, a better living space for yourself and your family is just a call or email away!
Commitments Like any good business, we are committed to our customers. We understand that our customers are diverse and therefore we openly support the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms as well as all those who fall under its protection. Beyond that, as an MTO licensed waste hauler, we are committed to supporting our environment through properly disposing of all construction waste; this includes recycling or donating waste materials wherever possible. To go above and beyond, we also support the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation who work hard to take care of the environment in our community.