Wheelchair Ramps If you are differently-able or spend time with someone who is, you will know that most houses and businesses are designed to suit only the majority of people. We can make it so that your home or business has equal access for not just those in wheelchairs, but for the elderly and those with movement impairing injuries. If there is a sudden injury, a non-permanent ramp can be built for your home to ease the challenges during your rehabilitation period. Equal access is just a call away!
Accessible Bathrooms Bathrooms can present a variety of hurdles for people of all different types of ability. If someone is in a wheelchair, using the shower can be challenging which is why we can custom design them to be barrier-free or to add options such as shower seats. Grab bars can also be installed for entering/leaving the shower or for getting on/off the toilet. Send us an email and make your challenges disappear today!
Other Accessibility Options There are a variety of other accessibility options available for homes. Kitchen cabinets can be made more accessible, handrails can be added to stair on the interior and exterior of the house, and doorways can be widened to accommodate wheelchairs. Just show us what the problem is and we will find you a solution!